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Recruiting Seminar

Recruiting Seminar: How rowing can help you get into College
January 23, 2016 at MBRC

On Saturday January 23rd, Coach Stephanie Parrish conducted a lecture with valuable tips and recommendations on how rowing can help you get you into college. Coach Stephanie is a former Recruiting Coordinator for Canisius Collge, a Division I school, in Buffalo, New York and she is currently the Adaptive Coach / Novice Girls Coach. The seminar was open to all youth rowers. These seminars will be occurring again, and any NCAA or recruiting questions can be directed to Stephanie directly. Here are a few key points that rowers and parents can take away from the seminar:

· Every college coach will ask you for your 2k score, know it and own it!
· Make a profile on, a large database for coaches to find athletes and vice versa!
· Make a rowing resume with highlights from races, your academic information, and contact info for yourself and your coach!

If you have any questions or would like additional information from the seminar, feel free to contact Coach Stephanie at