Training Venue

Year-Round Training Venue

The Miami Beach Watersport Center is located on scenic Indian Creek in Miami Beach, where fair weather allows for year-round watersports. During winter months, the average temperature in the Miami Beach is in the mid 70° F degrees (around 20° C). The “creek”, actually a large sheltered waterway, leads into several canals and Biscayne Bay for long rows with an unequaled variety of scenery. Our facilities and the availability of nearby hotels and restaurants are very convenient for an active training schedule.

Every winter, the Center is host to colleges such as Bucknell, Duke, Fordham, La Salle, Louisville, Ohio State, Rochester, the Naval Academy and University of Connecticut as well as the national teams of several countries. By choosing Miami Beach, these programs can focus on training in a warm weather environment with great water. A supermarket, restaurants and the beach are within walking distance of the boathouse.

If you are interested in bringing your program to the best year-round water in the U.S., we can help you make arrangements.

Please call (305) 861-8876 for more information.