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Novice Regatta Turkey Lake 2020

Our first regatta for the spring season was a resounding success for our Novice athletes !

It was an excellent start to the new season and expectations are high for what our Novice athletes can accomplish for the upcoming regattas.

Below is a list of races MBRC medaled in.

18 entries, 13 medals, Gold-4 Silver-7 Bronze-2

1 .Womens     F8+    Gold

2. Mens     F8+    Silver

3. Womens     N4+ A    Gold

4. Womens     N4+ B    Bronze

5. Womens     F/N4x    Silver

6. Mens     N2x    Silver

7. Womens    F2x    Gold

8. Womens    N8+    Silver

9. Mens    N8+ A    Interference (2nd)

10. Mens    N8+ B    4th

11. Mens    F/N4x    Silver

12. Mens    F/N4x    Silver

13. Womens    F4+    Silver

14. Mens    F4+    4th

15. Womens    N2x    4th

16. Mens    F2x A    Bronze

17. Mens    F2x B    4th

18. Mens    F/N1x    Gold