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Sarasota Invitational 2018

On February 24th MBRC participated in the Sarasota Invitational. Our Juniors medaled in 16 events! 7 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze. 

That’s not all, though – We also had our Adaptive athletes and Masters out on the water repping MBRC! GO BEACH!!


Girls HS Freshman 8+   – 1st

Girls HS 2x –   1st

Girls HS Freshman 4+ –   1st

Girls HS 4x – 1st

Boys HS Ltwt 4+ Flight 1 – 1st

Boys HS Ltwt 4+ Flight 2   – 1st

Boys HS Freshman 4+   – 1st


Girls HS Varsity 4+   – 2nd

Girls HS Ltwt 4+   – 2nd

Girls HS JV 8+ – 2nd

Boys HS Freshman 8+   – 2nd

Boys HS Ltwt 8+   –   2nd

Boys HS 1x – 2nd


Boys HS 4x   – 3rd

Boys HS 2x   – 3rd

Mens HS 2 – 3rd


1st (USA)/Miami Beach RC [Composite] (K. Headley)


Mens Masters 1x

1st 8 Miami Beach RC A (E. Brand)

Mens Masters Ltwt 1x

1st 7 Miami Beach RC (A. Touzard)

Mens Masters 2x

2nd 6 Miami Beach RC (A. Touzard)

Mens Parent/Child 2x

1st 5 Miami Beach RC (A. Touzard)


For a complete list of MBRC races and competing athletes, visit REGATTA CENTRAL

Be sure to check out the awesome PHOTOS – thank you, Marie and Daryl!