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FSRA Sweep Championships – 2021


MBRC’s performance at the 2021 FSRA Sweep State Championships, Medals in 7 events is plain and simply awesome !

All our athletes had been training exceptionally hard, preparing for both the FSRA Sculling and Sweep State Championships and at the Sweep Championship this weekend the hard work paid off again as demonstrated in the results, 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Congratulations to ALL our athletes who competed. You went out there and put everything on the line and for that you should be proud. To coaches and MBRC parents – a special thanks, without you the program would not be where it is today.

Below is a list of events we medaled in:

First Place:

Girls Varsity 4+ :  Alexa Matos, Alexandra DeLisle, Grace Matos, Charlotte Paley, Samantha Schwartz (Cox)

Boys Varsity 4+ :  Ilan Feldman, Giorgio Schepis, Samuel Merenfeld, Kobi Feldman, Tomas Dominguez (Cox)

Girls 2nd Varsity 4+ : Marusha Gatto, Gayle Zulema De Miranda, Imperio Roman, Nicole Wrubel, Leila Hunt (Cox)

Boys 2nd Varsity 4+ : Alexander Miroli-Aubery, Julian Greene, Nico Santiago,Nikolai Calderon, Gemma Warshaw (Cox)


Second Place:

Girls Lightweight 8+ : Brooke Nieder, Emma Stantic, Katerina Valle, Sarina Samuel, Emily Mayer, Josie Moskovitz, Franchesca Moore, Alicia Gonzalez, Gemma Warshaw (Cox)


Third Place:

Boys lightweight 8+ : Zion Carvajales, Aidan Berkeley, Jaime Biton, Eric Poletaev, Amir Rosario, Mathis Paulhaic, Jordan Kail, Donald Cannava, Tomas Dominguez (Cox)

Girls Freshman 4+ : Yael Rubinovich, Mikaela Spivak, Sigalia Landauer, Sasha Rosenthal, Roxanne Andras (Cox)


For a complete list of all MBRCs’ Athletes and the events they competed in click link: MBRC Lineup – 2021 FSRA Sweep Championships

For a complete list of results click link: