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Youth Nationals – 2022

In an amazing cap to a great season, MBRC’s Charlotte Paley and Grace Matos won gold at Nationals in the Women’s Youth double! This was the only boat from a Florida team to win a varsity event. Congratulations!

Another wonderful accomplishment was the Women’s U15 coxed quad of Tessa Lake, Layla Singer, Alexandra Dotsenko, Claire Mayer, Polina Calderon who won silver. Congratulations!

In addition, two more MBRC boats made the A finals: the Men’s Youth quad of Giorgio Schepis, Ilan Feldman, Samuel Merenfeld, Kobi Feldman placed 4th and the Men’s U17 quad of Jordan Kail, Ethan Ebizadeh, Simon Paley, Donald Cannava placed 5th.


The Women’s Youth four of Josie Moskovitz, Emily Mayer, Ines Martin-Jimenez, Alexa Matos placed 4th in the B final

The Women’s U17 double of Sigalia Landauer and Anaiya Singer placed 5th in the C final

The Men’s Youth double of Jaime Biton and Mathis Paulhiac placed 6th in the C final

The Men’s Youth four of Zion Carvajales, Aden Lazarus, Nikolai Calderon, Julian Greene placed 8th in the C final

The Women’s Youth quad of Nina Fernandez, Cameron Cabrera, Nicole Wrubel, Luisa Mantilla placed 1st in the D final


Every race at the national level is challenging – we are so proud of our rowers and coaches! GO BEACH!